Huntington & Associates was founded by Bert G. Huntington in 1949 as structural engineering consultants for Bay Area industry and architects. His background in steel fabrication and contracting provided the basis for the firm’s longstanding reputation for buildable and economical designs. Craig G. Huntington joined with him in 1983, bringing experience in innovative tensioned fabric structures from Geiger Berger Associates in New York City and in complex concrete structures from T.Y. Lin International in San Francisco. Now practicing as Huntington Design Associates, Inc., the firm has gained wide recognition for the design of unusual and specialized structures.

Contemporary construction involves exacting technical requirements, satisfaction of myriad regulatory agencies, and coordination of complex teams of designers, consultants, and contractors. In this demanding environment, Huntington Design Associates has established a reputation based on 65 years of thorough and reliable structural engineering design. We provide the skill and attentive service that make a project successful. Moving into the future, Huntington Design weds parallel legacies of constructible design and innovation. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Tensioned Fabric Structures
    Conceptual design, structural engineering, patterning, and consulting for fabric roofs and canopies.
  • Building Structures
    Structural design and consulting services for new buildings, alterations, and seismic upgrading.
  • Structural Specialties
    Analysis and design of diverse building products and specialty components.